Month: May 2019

Straight Slots and Progressives

Straight Slots and Progressives

For most people, it does not matter what type of fruit machine they are playing. This can be a straight or progressive slot version. If someone wins progressively, they can survive to win a lot, more money than they find in straight slots.

Often progressive fruit machines are slightly more expensive to play. The reason is because the big amount of money is the jackpot. Basically the way it works is, every time someone plays a game, the jackpot gets a little bit. Often this is tied to a portion of the machine, so the jackpot can rise dramatically over a part of the day. Needless to say this special fruit machine jackpot is not too rare.

Straight slots are really fun to play and may be in some cases a little more casual to play than fruit machines. With straight slots, you have no decision to make in addition to bet Max or to keep playing. Except it just presses the button and keeps scrolling.

The fruit machine makes you think a little more and there is more decision making that can be gained. Some of these special machines will give you the option to stem the reels in the next round. Then there’s a reel that will move one up or down. Talk about a fun time. Anticipating waiting for the reels to rise or fall can be a fun thing.

There are bonus games in straight slots as well that make you choose from a wide array of objects, but there doesn’t seem to be much options with this game as it does with fruit machines.

There is mixed feeling in the Diala should choose between straight slots and fruit machines. Some believe it is easier to correct a straight slot if there are fewer options. Others find it easier to install the fruit machine because of the additional options. No matter who thinks about what doesn’t seem to slow down this machine’s trend.

So as far as the main difference between the standard slot machines and fruit machines is the slot machine actually wins randomly even with the fruit machine because your various options technically may be a little profit.

The main thing to keep in mind whether feeling straight slots or fruit slots is to play in a well-reputable place, whether on land or online, even more so if you’re playing with real money. Another straight slot type that in some respects similar to a fruit slot is the video slot. This is a multi-line slot and can add to a fairly expensive bet on each line. Maybe say 5 cents per line, but if there are 20 lines hence you pay $1.00 per roll. With a fruit machine, you may have to spend a dollar rate, but you receive an extra chance to win something at least.

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